About Us

Burlington First Church of the Nazarene was organized in the late summer of 1935 during an evangelistic tent meeting at the corner of Summer and Locust Streets.  It was in the store building at the corner of Osborn & Ash that the Church was officially organized with 32 charter members.  In 1938, the St. Paul’s Methodist Church at 7th & Washington Streets was purchased, and services were held there until 1968 when we moved into our newly built facilities on South Roosevelt Avenue. 


 Our mission at First Church of the Nazarene is to help the needy and share the love of Jesus with those in our community and around the world.      We have free clothing and food ministries that strive to help provide the basic necessities to people in need.  During the summer, we sell sweet corn that is planted west of the church and 100% of the money raised goes for mission projects here and to also benefit those in other countries.  Throughout the year, we have activities for all ages.  Contact the church office for more information. 


The Church of the Nazarene is a denomination in the Wesleyan/Arminian background that focuses on holiness.      This holiness emphasis distinguishes the Church of the Nazarene from other denominations in the sense that it affirms the possibilities and optimism for God’s power in our lives here and now.  God can and wants to transform us now.  We are a global denomination with churches in 162 counties and world areas. 

    Here is a link to the Articles of Faith for the Church of the Nazarene:  

Article of Faith